In this class, we will cover the building blocks of thriving by discussing the powerful concept of boundaries.

So much of our anxiety, wasted energy and conflict revolve around boundary issues.

In this class you will come away with a new understanding and action steps to...

  • Take ownership for your own life, choices, preferences, time, hopes, and dreams.

  • Know exactly what you want in your relationships, career, ministry, etc.

  • Say yes to what is helpful for you and no to what is not helpful. 

  • Communicate your boundaries clearly to others, with respect and confidence.

  • Break any cycles of a victim thinking, powerlessness, or the blame game. 

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  • Each class lasts 90 minutes on zoom (you simply need a device and access to the internet)

  • Include teaching, discussion and a live demonstration as Tom coaches someone on the subject of boundaries.

  • Helpful worksheets, PDF's and resources to help you live a more peaceful, confident and fulfilling life of thriving.