God created and designed you to be and do certain things that are life-giving for you and bring Him glory. You carry a unique strand of God’s DNA that the Bible calls, 

“Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Col. 1:27.

You are His workmanship, created in Christ to walk out good works that He purposed for you from before you were born (Eph. 2:10).  God wants to give you His life and bring that life to others through you.

People around you carry their own unique God-given design, and carry the same potential that you do. In this masterclass, my desire is to help you cultivate a mindset, discipline and practice to MINE FOR GOD every day and in every way in three main veins of gold:

  1. The Gold you carry in your unique, God-given identity and design
  2. The Gold others around you carry in their unique, God-given identity and design
  3. The Gold comprised of the wisdom, principles and revelation God is wanting to teach us at any given moment so that we all grow, mature and become more like Jesus.

What Is It?

The Mining for Gold Masterclass is a live video training conference with Master Coach and author Tom Camacho. Tom will help you discover your own unique identity, develop your capacity as a leader and dive into some great new friendships.

How Much Is It?

You can choose to pay a one-time payment of $365 or three payments of $125 (billed every 30 days). This is a discounted price due to COVID-19, which is normally a $750 course.

A portion of every students’ tuition will be given to developing MFG leaders in parts of the world where leadership development is lacking or non-existent.

Our dream is to see leaders thrive and multiply their influence all across the world.

Where Is It?

This is a live online video training through Zoom and can be enjoyed anywhere by anyone with a computer and internet connection! Once you've signed up, we will contact you with more detailed information, including login information and dates.