Godly thriving leaders are precious and valuable, but developing those leaders is not easy. Many leaders feel stuck, tired and frustrated in their growth and calling. This can change. There is gold in God’s people, waiting to be discovered. Let’s learn to draw out that treasure and help others flourish in their life and leadership.

Are you a business or ministry leader?  Would you like to be empowered to lead with a clear vision and increase motivation and growth in your team? Do you want to create deeper unity and understanding of purpose in your  business or ministry team?  Then Mining Day is right for you!

What Is It?

Mining Day is a Live Interactive Video training with Master Coach and author Tom Camacho. Tom will break down the keys to helping leaders thrive found in his book, Mining for Gold, as well as his highly sought after “Empowering Leadership Course.”

When Is It?

Saturday, June 1st - 11:00am-5:00pm ET

How Much Is It?

Full 6 hour Training & all Materials - $175 

6 Hour Training + 30 Minute Personal Coaching Call with Tom - $250

Where Is It?

This is a live online video training and can be enjoyed anywhere by anyone with a computer and internet connection!