Get Your Life On Track With Coaching

The greatest benefit of working with a coach is the gift of clarity. When we have clarity about the challenges we are facing and the issues underneath them, it’s like we are given a key that opens a door to our future. With clarity we can develop effective strategies and take appropriate next steps to reach our goals.  Clarity is the key.

When we lack clarity around the issues we are facing, we can stay stuck, feeling overwhelmed or confused about what to do next. When we try to tackle tough challenges alone, it is often difficult to see the whole picture and get to the breakthrough action steps that lead us to our desired future. A coach helps us cut through the fog and find clear direction and momentum in our life and leadership.

I have found two major challenges to our growth and development as individuals and leaders.

The first reason is complexity. The sheer complexity of bringing together all the pieces of our identity, gifts, passions, and experience in a clear and helpful way is daunting. We ask ourselves deep questions that have no simple answers.  Who am I? What does God want of me?  How does my experience intersect with my passions? How do my gifts fit into the greater picture of what God is doing? What do I do when I have deep places of pain and brokenness inside of me? These are all very important questions. Working with a skilled and experienced coach helps us answer these types of questions.

The second reason is isolation. Many of us have no one we can process our lives with.  We don’t have the help we need to solve complex issues, and so we remain stuck and frustrated. Instead of learning and growing through the seasons of life, we just endure and survive to live another day. Our hearts are sinking as we suffer alone. There is a better way.

Coaching cuts through the problems of complexity and isolation. We get clear answers and the support and accountability to move forward in our growth. With effective coaching we can move past tough challenges we face and begin to live the lives we were born for.


Thriving is not a random, mysterious goal. It is as natural as a healthy vine producing delicious grapes. Our Thriving Coach System helps you identify where you, who you are and help you starting doing what you were created to do. This step-by-step process moves you in a progression from where you are today to achieving your goals and flourishing in your life and leadership.

Background and Experience

Through my coaching practice, I have been able to help many leaders find the intersection of their passions, gifts and work roles to help them thrive. Through the principles and process of effective coaching, I have seen leaders come alive and find new joy in their work. I have seen other leaders solve tough problems that had held them back for years.

In more than 35 years of leadership experience, I have served in leadership roles in the military, education, business and ministry. Each of those contexts taught me an appreciation for the many unique and difficult aspects of effective leadership. I would love to help you understand better the issues affecting you and help you make the critical next steps for your future.

Let me help you move toward your future. I can help.