Empowering Leadership Course

How do I multiply my influence, raise up leaders and extend the kingdom?

God has called you to steward your gifts and passions to help others and bring Him glory. In the tough demands of leadership, how do you walk out your own calling while drawing out the gifts and callings in others. This course helps to answer that tough question.

The empowering leadership course is designed to help you step into your calling, multiply your influence, raise up leaders and extend the kingdom through learning a few key skills and lots of activation and practice time. Empowering leadership is a way of living and leading that draws out the gifts and callings in others and helps them take the right next steps to get momentum and bear more fruit.

Benefits of Building an Empowering Leadership Culture

• Less Stress for You Personally: a better quality of life!

• Load is shared across a capable team of leaders.

• Increased Motivation and Growth for your Leaders: leaders are excited and taking ownership for their own growth.

• Multiplication of Leaders: who does not need more leaders who are growing in their effectiveness.

• Better Relationships: Deeper unity and understanding within your local team.

• Better Utilization of People’s Skills, Gifts and Resources: Great stewardship.

• More Time for Top Leadership: freeing up time to think more strategically, to consider the long-term implications, and to hear the Holy Spirit.

• Greater Creativity: Leaders are free to dream and try new things and experiment.

• New things are happening all the time.

• Better and Faster Responses to Challenges And Opportunities: A more agile leadership team and flow.

• Less bureaucracy and checking in with the “Boss.”

• Problems addressed in a timely and mature manner.

• More Positive Culture: Honor and value is poured out in every direction.

• Love and respect are the foundational values that solidify your local culture

• Healthier Families and Churches: Great boundaries are practiced everywhere and create a safe place to plan roots, grow and blossom.

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ELC is a three day training that starts on Thursday night and ends after lunch on Saturday.

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