Clarity Changes Everything

“I once was lost but now I’m found was blind, but now I see.”

From song, Amazing Grace By John Newton

You can have your eyes wide open and be very active, and still be completely blind.  John Newton understood this. In his days as a slave-trading ship captain, he read charts, studied the weather, led his crew and engaged in financial negotiations. All this used his natural sight, yet he was still blind. He could not see the condition of his heart and the poverty of his soul.

Then one day, God opened his eyes. Suddenly, things were clear. When Christ entered his soul, his spirit eyes were opened. With spiritual sight, he could see God, reality, love and grace for the first time. With that new vision, he wrote the incredible hymn, Amazing Grace.

This was true in my life.  For years I poured my energy into countless ministry activities, doing important things for God, and yet I was blind to the condition of my heart. I was blind to the true nature of God, and the brokenness of my own heart and relationships. I couldn’t see, so I didn’t know what to fix or how. In vital areas of my life, I remained stuck and broken. There’s a better way.

God wants us to see things as they really are. He wants to open our eyes and give us clarity. He wants to give us spiritual eyes to see spiritual things.  As leaders we need clarity about in many areas. We need clarity around vision, motives, obstacles, strategy, team dynamics and resources. We need to see clearly what’s happening inside us and around us.   

This is where the power of coaching leadership becomes truly beautiful. Coaching helps us see what we need to see. When a coaching leader really listens to us and asks us deep and penetrating questions, it’s like the fog in our minds starts to clear. When we discover what the Father is doing in our life, we can see the issues as they are. We can see what we’ve been dealing with and the way forward becomes clearer. Our problems are no longer mysteries or shadows. 

A coaching leader is someone who will process life with us, someone who knows us and loves us. A coaching leader is not there to point out all the things you need to do differently. They are present to listen, ask questions and help you look at your life more honestly. They are there to help you see the issues as they really are. They give you the gift of clarity.  

Let’s say you are struggling to balance your work life and your family life. It is straining your primary relationships. You carry a level of anxiety and stress about it, and it’s draining you. You know something needs to change, but you are not sure what to do next. So you seek out a coach to help you process it all.

Through a healthy coaching conversation, things begin to get clear. You get clear about your highest priorities and what you value most. It’s like someone turns on the light in your dark room. Clarity changes everything. You can see where you have gotten off track, and now you can start formulating a plan to move forward. You start living the life God has for you. You enjoy a burst of momentum.

We don’t have to stay stuck. We all have blind spots. Humble yourself and ask God to help you see the real problems you are facing right now.  Engage with a coaching leader in your life.  Break out of the fog. Pursue clarity with everything you have. Once you have clarity, become a coaching leader to someone around you who needs help. Slow down and really listen to them. Ask them the deeper questions. Help them find clarity and their way forward. You will see them grow and experience the power and joy of clarity. Clarity is one of life’s must precious gifts.