About Tom Camacho

Tom has a wealth of experience from more than thirty five years of leadership in sports, the military, corporate America, churches, missions and Christian non- profits. His background has given him a unique perspective on the subject of
Christian leadership and thriving as a leader. He and his wife, Beth, live in Asheville, NC, have two sons, two daughters, a lovely daughter in law, and one amazing grandson.

Tom is the Pastor of Blue Ridge Vineyard Church and a nationally certified Leadership Coach. He serves as the National Coaching Coordinator for Multiply Vineyard, the church planting arm of Vineyard USA.

Tom's Writing

Beginning with his 10th grade English class through completing a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina, Tom has had a lifelong love of words. You can check out some of his thoughts through his Twitter account (@TomCamachoAVL).

In June 2019, Tom’s first book, Mining For Gold, a book about thriving as a leader, will be published through Intervarsity Press UK and will be distributed throughout the US and the UK. Look for it wherever Christian books are sold.