About Tom Camacho

Tom Camacho is passionate about helping leaders build lives that are full and free, impactful and fulfilling, and rich in relationships. He is committed to helping leaders around the world rediscover joy in the art of leading.

He began his career in the US military as an officer and pilot, and continued in developing leaders for a large US company, General Electric. He has been helping executive leaders discover their strengths and thrive in their roles for more than 20 years. He has a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina in Journalism, a minor in Military Science from Duke University. He now does executive leadership coaching and trains coaches for businesses and non-profit organizations globally.

He has been happily married to Beth for 35 years, has four children, Caleb, Daniel, Caryn and Rebecca, a lovely daughter-in-law, Andrea and a wonderful grandson, Aran. They live in Nashville, TN.

Tom's Writing

Tom is passionate about helping others through the written word. His book, Mining for Gold, tells his personal story of coming into greater thriving and helping others through a coaching style of leadership. Get a copy of his book on Amazon HERE.

Fullness Group History

After struggling for years to make sense of his life, strengths, and calling, Tom was introduced to faith-based leadership coaching in 2013. The result was electric. He began to thrive in ways he had never experienced before.

Out of that overflow, he started helping fellow pastors, executives and business leaders to experience new levels of thriving personally and professionally. The Fullness Group was formed in 2014 to help facilitate this expanding work.

In 2015, Tom became the National Coaching Director for his group of churches. In that role, he developed principles, practices and training modules to help leaders thrive and began sharing them through workshops in the United States and abroad both in person and online using meeting technology.

In 2019, his first book, Mining For Gold, was published by Intervarsity Press UK in London. The Fullness Group today helps leaders thrive through our coaching, leadership development and training resources.

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